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How to make a donation to FIMAC?

Do you want to financially support the Castellar International Mandolin Festival? 3 possibilities:

1. Donation by blue card

Go to the website

2. Donation by bank transfer

On the Crédit Mutuel FIMAC account:
IBAN : FR76 10278079120002082940186

Please specify your contact details and the date of your transfer by email to:

3. Donation by check

To the order of FIMAC and to be sent to the following address:

58 rue de la République

Please provide your email address if you have one.

Donation and tax reduction

The tax reduction is equal to 66% of the sums paid,
withheld within the annual limit of 20% of taxable income.

For example: for 100 € paid to FIMAC, 66 € are tax deductible, which amounts to a donation of 34 €.

Amount of donations and counterparties

« PAISIELLO donors » • 15 €

– Sending the link to the concert streaming

– Access to the “pre-sale” period of the festival

« VIVALDI donors » • 30 €

– Counterparts of “PAISIELLO Donors”

+ 10% reduction on the order – limited to the purchase of 3 places.

« LEONE Donors » • 50 €

– Counterparts of “PAISIELLO Donors”

+ 10% reduction on the order – limited to the purchase of 6 places.

« CALACE Donors » • 120 €

– Counterparts of “LEONE Donors”

+ Invitation for 1 person to offer (valid for one of the 3 evenings of the festival).

« KUWAHARA Donors » • 250 € et +

– Counterparts of “CALACE Donors”

+ Meeting with the artists around an aperitif after the concerts.

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Who are we ? Since when does Castellar International Mandolin Festival exist? What is the upcoming program? Discover behind the scenes of FIMAC!

Orchestre mandoline Castellar


Concert de mandoline église de Castellar FIMAC 2017

Edition 2023

Duo Romanesca FIMAC 2021

Artistic Director


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