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Castellar International Mandolin Festival

14 years of Castellar Mandolin Festival

Created in 2009, the Castellar International Mandolin Festival has welcomed artists from all over the world over the years. Throwback to a unique musical festival full of surprises!

20 au 23 July 2022

Programm 2022

Varied concerts and an unforgettable West Side Story evening in Castellar and full of surprises!

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21 – 24 July 2021

Programm 2021

A 12th edition with 2 exceptional evenings devoted to Vladimir Cosma and Féloche.

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18 July

Programm 2020

Music softens morals: an essential edition in times of health crisis.

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17 – 20 July 2019

Programm 2019

Italy was in the spotlight of this 11th edition of FIMAC: Vivaldi, Rossini, Monteverdi…

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18 – 21 July 2018

Programm 2018

10 years of Mandolin Festival celebrated in music in Castellar with many artists!

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26 – 29 July 2017

Programm 2017

Spanish evening, dance and musical show punctuated this new edition of FIMAC.

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20 – 23 July 2016

Programm 2016

Unprecedented and spectacular concerts transported the public during this 8th edition.

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15 – 18 July 2015

Programm 2015

An edition that took the audience of the festival from Vienna to Buenos Aires!

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16 – 19 July 2014

Programm 2014

New instruments accompanied the mandolin: percussion, accordion etc.

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17 – 20 July 2013

Programm 2013

The mandolin festival is growing by opening its program on Wednesday!

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19 – 21 July 2012

Programm 2012

Various concerts with the International Hannover Ensemble and many other artists.

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21 – 23 July 2011

Programm 2011

A rich edition with international artists and the arrival of “Young Talents”.

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15 – 17 July 2010

Programm 2010

The 2nd edition of FIMAC marked the beginning of “small concerts” in addition to large evenings.

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09 – 11 July 2009

Programm 2009

A 1st edition which received great artists from Monte Carlo, Russia and Belarus.

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Concert mandoline Castellar 2018


Concert de mandoline église de Castellar FIMAC 2017

Programm 2023

Sabinne MArze et Vincent Beer au FIMAC 2019

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